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Trained some distance type stuff, but still a sprinter

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by , October 13th, 2009 at 08:39 PM (527 Views)
Today, on the forum, got some helpful tips from Kirk Nelson on improving pace on the 500. Feel kind of bad that I somewhat hijacked the thread. The subject of the thread was training for the 1500/1650 and I posed some questions about training for the 500. Figured while the forum had the attention of the distance gurus out there, I'd ask the questions. Kirk gave some great advice that I hope to put to use in a practice soon.

At this point, I've got a long way to go! When I was younger (even just by 7 years), it seemed possible to balance sprint training with training for a strong 500. Not so sure now. The difference in how I used to train was that I was always in an anaerobic state, even on the distance stuff. I can't do that anymore. Just can't recover fast enough between swims. May have to simply focus on my strength - the sprints, and hope to be in good enough shape to pull off a respectable 500.

Of course I know I haven't been putting my time in the water, so I probably should not have high expectations. It bothers me that in college, I hardly got any sleep, ate terribly, enjoyed my alcohol on the weekends, and was able to hold 2:15 on a 2:40 interval. In fact, I can remember doing a few sets on 2:30. Yes, I'm older, but I take so much better care of myself. No matter what shape I'm in now, I couldn't hold 2:15 on 4 minutes. I probably couldn't even make a 2:40 interval after a couple of 200s no matter what shape I am in! Gosh, sometimes it is hard getting older!

Got in for 45 minutes with the older kids today and did the workout below. The coach gave a surprisingly easy interval on the 200s. I was thinking she was going to throw an interval of 2:45 at us. I did throw some 200 backs with paddles in the mix.

Warm-up (missed the main part) 200 easy

12 x 200: 4 on 3:40, 4 on 3:30, 4 on 3:20 - Did first 6 free, then did 2 back, 2 free, 2 back

100 easy

2700 yards

Regardless of my focus, it probably is good to do this kind of thing once a week as I need work on my endurance for the sake of my 100s. Also, it helps to have a group of people to train with.

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