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Short Tuesday

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by , October 13th, 2009 at 10:41 PM (308 Views)
Nasti's tonight at Noblesville HS. The practice was 45 minutes long! I thought about doing more but my body felt I stopped.
Here's the workout:
*500 free Warm-up
*200 Dolphin Kick on Back
*5 X 100 Free on 1:45
*3 X 200 free (Rest 10 sec between each 50. Subtract :30 sec for 200 time. Done on 3:30 interval I think)
*8 X 50 IM Roll on 1:00 interval Swim down/Kick back.
*100 IM sprint
*200 Back Smooth swim
2,500 scy

I can't wait to see the "Amelia" movie. Amelia Earhardt was one of my hero's when I was growing up. Hillary Swank/Rickard Gere are the female/male leads. I hope it's not hokey.

Over 800 kids out sick with the flu at CHS on Monday. I heard 25% shuts the building down; they were 200 short of that. We have had a couple teachers out for 3 weeks at my building. It must be a wicked bug.

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Good short workout! Everything I read about the flu this season is scary ... and I'm not due to get my flu mist until Friday. Being in a school seems particularly hazardous.
  2. Bobinator's Avatar
    Yes, being in the gym is hazardous. I get them in here, get their heart rates going and then the coughing begins!
    I have taken the regular flu shot. Right now around here they are only giving the h1n1 shot to medical people and kids.
    I'm sure it will be available to the rest of us in a couple weeks.
  3. gigi's Avatar
    wait a have 4000 kids in your high school? That's completely nuts.
    I like that workout and I will be doing it tomorrow night at the Y. I'm feeling uninspired lately to come up with anything.
    Stay healthy. This year the city has decided not to do a school department flu-shot day. Guess it's just not a priority...they'll change their tune when the free babysitting gets shut down due to absenteeism...oh well.