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by , October 18th, 2009 at 08:16 PM (235 Views)
This AM with team Nasti:

*700 Free Warm-up (I got in a little early)
*200 Dolphin Kick on Back w/flippers
*6 X 100 (I did all backstroke) I'm not sure of the interval but I didn't get much rest inbetween.
*300 Mixed Kick (100 flutter prone, 100 Dolphin supine, 100 flutter supine)
*6 X 75 (50 free/rest 5 sec./25 stroke sprint) I did fly on the stroke.
*200 Freestyle swim with at least 5 sdk's off each wall and some type of breath control on the swim. (I did 1 dolphin and nixed the breath control)
*5 X 50 Free (1:00-55:00-50:00-45:00)
*rest 1 minute
*5 X 50 Free (55:00-50:00-45:00-40:00)
*Easy 200 IM cool-down
3,200 SCY

It was beautiful outdoors today and I planned to run 45:00 or so. Around 1:00 I got a psycho nose bleed. It wouldn't stop! It would form a long gelationous clot that would disengage from the nostril whenever I tried to remove my compress. After I finally got it to settle down I decided to nix the running for the day. The weird thing is I have had a bloody nose the last 5 out of 7 days! None as severe as this one but annoying all the same. I may call someone about getting the thing cauterized. I've never had this done but have heard of people doing it.
Okay, I'm off to the haunted house and scary movie! YEEOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!

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