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Mon Oct 19th

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Mon Oct 19th

I had every intention of making it to the 5:30 am work out this morning, set my phone alarm for 4:30 am, but it was on vibrate and I slept right through it. I woke at 4:00 am then went back to bed & didn't wake till 5:30 am. I should have gone to bed earlier last night. Tuesday night I'll go to bed around 10:00

Hope to make today's noon practice.

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  1. tjrpatt's Avatar
    It probably takes a few tries to get used to getting up that early. Better luck, next time.
  2. qbrain's Avatar
    Vibrate isn't good enough for a 4am wake up. You need to set the phone for electric shock mode.

    Good luck with your new schedule. It is a PITA.