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Vlog the Inhaler, or The Occasional Video Blog Musings of Jim Thornton

Kona Wedding Bells--sans mention of unmentionable)

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Since there have been several requests that I take a break from my lesion's progress, today's vlog is taking a temporary verbal sabbatical from groin pathology to groin excellence.

A number of you may have met my good friends and Sewickley YMCA Sea Dragons (Elderly Division) teammates, the former Mr. Jeremy Cornman and the former Miss Jocelyn Smith.

Jeremy is the only swimmer on our team to still have his name up on the Big Board where the Quaker Valley High School record times are kept. He is a superb sprinter, particularly in butterfly, capable of swimming a 50 SCY fly in the 24.8 range.

Jocelyn is an adult-onset swimmer and former college running star who became more serious about swimming after A) meeting Jeremy and B) swerving to miss a groundhog on her then new $3000 triathlon bike and ending up with metal pins in her collarbone.

In recent years, Jeremy has made a name for himself in two sports: triathlons and steam bath endurance. He is great at the former, and legendary at the latter.

Both he and Jocelyn qualified for the Boston Marathon this year, then Jeremy qualified at Lake Placid for the Iron Man in Hawaii. Jocelyn almost made it but not quite.

In any event, the two just got back from Kona, where Jeremy did quite well.

If you have ever wondered what this is like, I highly recommend you look at Jeremy's blog where he deconstructs his race and provides some great pictures. Fascinating:

The day after his slightly over 10 hour triathlon performance, the two got married and became, officially, Mr. and Mrs. Jocelyn Smith.

No, just joking.

I think they are now both Cornmans. Or Smith-Cornmans. Or Cornman-Smiths.

Or Smiths.

In any event, I present to you the incredibly lovely couple, J & J--both of whom, I would venture to bet, score close to 100 on the groin scale (though I have nothing to go on here, just imagining what it would be like, especially Jocelyn, while trying to explain to them both the concept of droit de seigneur, so far without much luck):

Note: I am pretty sure J & J had this wedding picture taken in black and white because they knew they were coming back to Pittsburgh and wanted to prepare themselves for the shock.
As indicated in the title, there will be no verbal mention of the unmentionable here, however, I am going to add today's picture beneath yesterday's picture to see if you can detect any changes.

'Nuff said about that.

(Above photo taken on Sunday)

(Above taken Monday)

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  1. Bobinator's Avatar
    Your newlywed friends look adorable! I wish I could see their faces though.
    The not to be mentioned part looks better. It still looks creepy and I'd go to the doc again!
  2. tjrpatt's Avatar
    The legion looks like it is getting better. I am curious to find out what the hell is that thing!!!!
  3. jim thornton's Avatar
    It may be the lighting, but I too think it looks a wee bit better. I have no idea what it is, but i am starting to think it's some weird staph infection like Jack Martin had. Hopefully, I will find out eventually.

    I will post their pix--J & J--later, but if you click on Jeremy's blog link, you can read a really sweet blog he wrote about his wedding.

    I didn't put this in my vlog, but...I introduced the two of them! I am pretty sure that means that any wedding gifts they get two of, like two toasters, for instance, I get to keep the extra one.

    That's protocol, right?
  4. billwhite's Avatar
    Your switch and bait was most excellent master Jim. We bow to your confidence trick skills.

    That said, your vagina looks better. (And if you can remember to stop poking at it for fun as it is not a toy, it should improve drastically).
  5. jim thornton's Avatar
    Again, Bill, it might just be lighting.

    With yesterday's picture, I used the "I feel lucky" photo fix option on Picassa.

    With today's picture, I just didn't feel lucky.

    And I still don't.
  6. EricOrca's Avatar
    Very nice story Jim, truly a sports romance. Thanks. (while we wait for a professional diagnosis)