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Vlog the Inhaler, or The Occasional Video Blog Musings of Jim Thornton

A turn for the worse

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Maybe the watched buboe never heals.

After 2.5 hours of tennis, during which I played like a leper, and the only thing that kept me awake was the leeching of sweat into my lesion, and the occasional jokes of my adversaries ("If you had gotten that in France, it would be a French foreign lesion"), I got back, removed the bandage, took a shower, and photographed what I must acknowledge--at the risk of biasing the viewer--represents a setback.

Does it look to you, as it does to me, that this is just the first step in a process by which my skin will begin to tear off my body in sheets?

Perhaps I should document the lesion's progress, or lack thereof, or backsliding, as such is the case, on a somewhat less frequent basis.

Here is the run down, from Sunday, to Monday, to today's post-tennis state:

Sunday and still arguably the worst

Monday--apparent improvement (though it probably has more to do with lighting than actual improvement)

Today, post tennis--a likely step backwards.

If any of you know a doctor willing to diagnose me by pictures alone, and who will then send me the magic healing elixir I so desperately crave, please refer my case as soon as you have finished your dinner of boeuf au jeu and red wine or whatever else goes well with this kind of vlog.

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  1. billwhite's Avatar
    It actually looks better....while the previous days pictures seemed to contain a lot more necrotic-like tissues on the surface, the current picture seems to show them lessened with some new dermis below where all the dead tissue was and it looks a bit more healthy - but not much.
  2. scyfreestyler's Avatar
    I think I see some improvement and suspect this wound will leave you little to write about in the days to come.

    Having said that, as a self described "fake doctor" and hypochondriac, have you considered the option of removing the diseased tissue via scalpel?
  3. jim thornton's Avatar
    I don't know. There's another disconcerting symptom--the skin on my left side across the pelvis to the first half of the hip itself seems almost tender, as if it's sunburned. I thought maybe this was from the hot water I have been dousing the general area with, but then the skin lower down should also have this burning sensation.

    As Edgar G. Robinson put it in one of his gangster movies, "Mother of God! Is this the end of Rico?"

    Where are the real doctors when we need them?

    Rarl, I have come to believe that we beloved "fake doctors" are only beloved when the patient isn't really sick and just needs reassurance.
  4. Bobinator's Avatar
    It is either spreading, or you are making yourself crazy thinking about it! Either way get it taken care of Jimby!
  5. Chicken of the Sea's Avatar
    I love the French Foreign Lesion joke
  6. pwolf66's Avatar
    Jim, go see a Dermo. Seriously. Get this taken care of.