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Wednesday Solo

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by , October 21st, 2009 at 10:18 PM (276 Views)
I spent all day at school trying to import our school roster from classxp to the fitnessgram program. It wouldn't work! My principal, the tech guy, and the techiest teacher at my school couldn't figure it out either. What a waste of resources. I think I have finally figured the problem out. I will find out if I'm right monday morning. Anyway I didn't get anything measurable done today....I hate that!

I swam solo at LA Fitness today. The water was pleasantly cool and I had a lane to myself the whole workout.
*500 Free Warm-up Swim
*4 X 150 on 2:30 interval
rest 1 minute
*4 X 125 on 2:10 interval
rest :45 seconds
*5 X 100 start on 1:55 and descend 5 seconds each repition.
rest :30 seconds
*4 X (100 IM/4 X 50 IM order of strokes) IM rest :30 seconds/stroke on 1:00 except breastroke on 1:10.
*4 X 25 fly with short fins as fast as possible with 10 sdk's before surfacing on :45 interval.
*easy 100 backstroke cool-down
3,500 scy

Yipee, 2 vacation days+ the week-end! I'm going to chill!
I hope this mini-vacation clears out all the flu bugs/H1N1 Bugs out of our school building.

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Ugh! A whole day on tech issues would seriously bum me out. I'm jealous of your mini vaca. Did you get a swine flu vaccine?
  2. Bobinator's Avatar
    I got a regular flu vaccine. I think my school is having a swine vaccine clinic in November. I'll try to get one then!