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Mon Oct 26: AM swim with team

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by , October 26th, 2009 at 12:59 PM (215 Views)
Made it to swim with the team this morning, ASU Rec Center, SCY. Due to a water polo tournament, the pool was setup differently; we usually start from a far end that has blocks and use a bulkhead for the other end. Today lanes were sideways, but very wide.

Around 600 warmup choice
9 x 50 @ 1 min, 3 x (drill, scull, swim)
3 x 225 @ 3:15
3 x 200 @ 3:15
3 x 175 @ 3:15
50 easy
2 x 50 scull @ 1:10
200 warmdown

everyone wanted to go last, so I went first on the first 2 225s. I couldn't see the guy behind me, he was drafting way too close. Then he asked if he could go ahead, and I moved down to #4 (we had 5 in the lane). Ettiquette was poor; twice I had to push my way into the wall, then ask the others to move over so the #5 guy could finish.

Probably no real workout tonight, other than hauling old weights to the curb. May do a 2 mile run if that goes smoothly.

Hoping to do a Splash & Dash on Friday, but I really would rather not wear a wetsuit, and the water may be too cold. High on Wed-Thurs is supposed to only be mid-60s, with lows around 40. As long as the lake is 70+, I'll do it.

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