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Swim like an Orca, but faster !

Monday Oct 26

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by , October 27th, 2009 at 12:19 AM (942 Views)
AQUM - 5:30-6:45
Union Mine High school outdoor SCY.
Coach Janine and the Aged Groupers.

(Yesterday I did 2500 SCM at the Swimstitute. Broken 100 IM's and sprints)

Warm -700 (200FR, 200K, 200P, 75FR, 25 BR)
2x200FR Neg Split on 3:00 (1:17, 1:16-1:18,1:17)
2x200BR neg split on 3:30
2x200BK neg split on 3:30
4x100Fly neg split on 2:00 (Did 50swim/50drill, arms falling off,
8x25 on 3:00 w/fins (6FR, 2Fly. 5-:11's 1-:10, 2-:12's) work on no breath, the last 4 I got it.
100 cooldown
2600 scy
Starting tomorrow on my solo days, I will be working on either sprint sets or conditioning e.g. 4000+ sets. Ive been "just surviving" in my long workouts, so my slow twitch muscles are happy and fast twitch are sorely neglected. Since I'm always entering 50's and 100's, I have to pick up the pace. My gym routine for the past month has been all fast twitch, rapid fire sets and lots of jumping around!

I'm blogging sporadically now, so the local's will not think I died or sometime. I have returned to the old fashioned way of writing in my log, so I can instantly reference and annotate it.
I still use the FLOG, as it is perhaps one of the best tools any athlete can use to get a global view of their progress and pitfalls.
In other news:
Interesting to note on the front page of the USMS web-site is a story about Bill Miller, swimming whilst unemployed.
Last Monday I received a 60 day surplus notification...for the past 10 months we have been actively training Indian's in India to basically take our jobs, it was something we were reviewed for.
AT&T has nearly outsourced its entire IT to India and the trend continues.
Walt Whitman wrote "Behold I do not give lectures or a little charity, When I give I give myself." I look back on the time I have invested in the company and feel a part of me is being "outsourced." There is a slight chance I can find another position in the company, however the boom of the IT profession is over, if it can be done on a computer, there's someone in India who can do it for $3000 a year.

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  1. tjrpatt's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about your job. You guys training the Indians is total extortion. If you refuse to train them, you will get fired and would be able to get unemployment. Congress needs to put a bill to end this evil practice. Luckily, I have been doing PC deployment and refreshes for the last several years so companies are outsourcing that, not yet. Also, people like to use Indians because of the time difference as well. They can do 8 hours of work while we are sleeping in the US.

    One of the bridges here that goes into NJ is the Walt Whitman Bridge.
  2. EricOrca's Avatar
    Tom, thanks for the comments...Someday Id like to see that bridge, he was one poet that actually made sense.