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It's a Date

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Spring 2009

The first step in this swimming year's meet was to pick the date. We generally aim for the last Sunday in January, but February 1 or 2 was selected in some years. Our first meet was held February 1 because it was the only Sunday open to us. After selecting that date, someone looked at the calendar: it was also Super Bowl Sunday. Gulp.

Aiming to use the meet to raise funds for the team, some argued that the meet would be a financial turkey because we were competing with the Super Bowl. Their belief was that no one would attend the meet on the same day due to Super Bowl party planning and travel. Others (myself and those who compete in meets) argued that it made no difference. The Super Bowl was actually in the late afternoon and evening, and our meet was in the morning. We won the argument, and our first meet ended up attracted 113 entries. Other meets scheduled on Super Bowl Sundays had no drop in attendance.

Picking a day in early January was considered but rejected. It was too close to the Christmas-New Year holiday when many swimmers (yours truly) are not looking for competition while coming down off the Christmas high. It was also too close to the annual membership renewal deadline, so many swimmers would not have their current USMS registration. Martin Luther King weekend is not good due to mini vacations and activities.

This year we picked January 31. In the past four years, we have requested our date in the spring when we submit the team's annual request for workout lanes to the county parks & recreation department for the upcoming year. This way we choose the date, rather than plan around the kayak class or the blue-haired ladies [10/24/09 post]. Now they plan around our schedule.

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