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Saturday 10/31 workout (SCM)

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This afternoon I went to my team's afternoon workout at Baruch College so that I could practice swimming in a SCM pool before next week's meet. My goals for this workout were (1) practicing my BK approaches to the wall with SCM flags and (2) doing some starts, both off the block and backstroke. Here's the workout, and what I did with it:

600 warmup

1 x 150 K/S by 25
2 x 150 done as 125 swim/25 kick [I swam this FR between the flags and fast BK into and out of walls in order to practice my back turns]
3 x 150 swiim [I did these as 50FR/50BR/50 FR and focused on gauging the distance to the wall both when turning BK-to-BK and on the open BK-to-FR turn after the 1st 100, the latter in order to prepare for my BK-to-BR IM turns and my BK finishes]

Then 3 times through:
1 x 75 K/S/K by 25
2 x 75 S/K/S by 25
3 x 75 swim
with each round done as a different non-free stroke
[I initially wasn't feeling terribly excited about this set, and just wanted to get the part of the workout where I could practice a few starts, but I decided to focus on a technique key for each stroke, and that worked out well for me. I focused on kicking strongly on my backstroke, experimenting a bit with the turn-in of my feet and with ways of making the transition from dophins to flutter on breakouts as smooth and streamlined as possible. On both BR and FL I focused on emphasizing the glide in the stroke--something I'll undoubtedly need when I swim the 400 IM and 200 FL this season. The set went more quickly than I thought and I ended it feeling smooth and ralaxed and happy in the water.]

The we did 8 x (25 easy @ :45 + 25 fast @ :25). I got to do starts from the block for all the fast ones--some FR and some BK. The forward starts felt ok, the BK still need a bit of work.

Then 6 x 50 CH @ 1:00 for warmdown.

I felt good about my BK turns at this workout--not all my turns were perfect, but on most of them I was able to judge the approach to the wall accurately without making any conscious changes from my regular BK turn technique. I don't think it's absolutely necessary to swim at a SCM pool again before my first meet, although it would be nice to practice a few 200s there.

So from my initial list of the things I need to do between now and my first meet in a week, here's the things that remain:

Practice some BK starts
Swim a fast 200 IM or two to practice hitting stroke transition keys while fatigued

In addition, over the next week I need to continue doing some speed work and some basic aerobic work to maintain my base. I will also visualize pieces of my races as opportunities for doing that come up.

So--that's the plan for next week!

Happy Halloween!
Go Yankees!

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