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A tramp through the leaves in Central Park has cured me of the temporary insanity that had me contemplating driving 8 hours roundtrip this weekend to find a replacement for my cancelled meet. (In any case, I was it was more like 10 hours). Swimming all the events will simply have to wait for another season--what started as a lark was becoming a burden as I tried to figure out how I could still eke out 17 events. So now I have to figure out a new plan that involves the 2 meets I have left, focusing more on quality swims rather than the quantity of swims. I guess I'll have to rename my blog now that my plans have changed!

I did a short easy workout on my own at the Y pool today:

1000 warmup

4 x 400 @ :20 rest
1st=400 FR; 2nd=200 FR/100BR/100FR; 3rd=100FR/100BK/100BR/100FR; 4th=400 IM
(I think of this as my IM-pacman set, with the IM munching up more and more of the evil 400 FR on each successive repeat until it is transformed into a beautiful 400 IM)

400 SKPS warmdown

Then did weights + stretching + rehab exercises

Tomorrow I'm hoping to swim in the fast lane at workout!

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