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Set for the New Season

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by , November 2nd, 2009 at 10:58 PM (884 Views)
Well, I've wasted no time renewing my USMS registration for 2010. I renewed online first thing yesterday morning, along with a slight change in my status. I am no longer unattached; I am now a proud member of the Metro Masters Swim Club. Actually, this is an umbrella club, with a bunch of workout groups -- but I'm not a member of any of the workout groups. So I guess I'm still kinda, sorta "unattached," even if my membership card doesn't say so, and I'm still working out on my own.

Ironically, there's a masters team at my pool, with coaches and workouts. But their workout schedule, doesn't match mine -- I don't see any point to joining them if I'll be walking into the wokouts in the middle. Now my workouts begin when I get there and end when I leave. Of course, it also means I'm still my own coach, but I'm pretty much uncoachable anyway -- I frustrate myself, so I can only imagine how a real coach would react. Besides, what other coach would put up someone as lazy as me .

Anyway, right after I renewed my membership, I entered my first meet as member of Metro (also online). Yes, I entered the Colonies Zone SCM Championship. It's only a half hour subway ride from my home, so there's really no excuse for me not to enter. (I'll have the November 21st meet as practice.)

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