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Swim like an Orca, but faster !

11-04-09 a little Gym & Swim

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by , November 5th, 2009 at 01:41 AM (818 Views)
Lords Gym A.M.
2x5 Pull-ups and dips w/ 60 lb assist
2x12 & 1x8 Incline chest press DB 25lbFast 35lb
3x12 curls 25 Fast
3x12 Overhead lying down triceps 35 DB Fast
3x8 Flys 10 Faster
3x8 Overhead 10 Very Fast
3x12 Narrow grip row 90 100 not so fast
3x12 Lat pull downs 90 Fast
1x12 Hanging knee raises .

Legs and arms were still very sore and it was hard to walk due to adding heavy leg presses & bear crawls to the routine on Monday.

UMHS - 5:30-7:30
Warm 2x100, 100P, 100K (Coach kept asking if I was warm, so I kept the warm up short this week)
10x50 Capt Nemo drill (same as yesterday, but I gave it a name)
5x100 FR Pull on 1:45 ( was avg 1:20) used small paddles, loaned my big paddles to Dr. Bob
6x75 K BK dolphin/side dolphin/other side dolphin on 1:30 (core and legs were shot, had to do them on 2:00 w/ fins)
was given
20x50 from blocks 25 100%/ 25 EZ 5 ea, IM order. (Did 5 Fly (~:12-:14), 2 BK (:18) and 1 FR(:13), seniors were wrapping it up)
50 cool
I have been working on fixing my fly kick; now I have 2 kicks and don't even think about it. Continuing to work on keeping pinky's up (or thumbs down) and got some great coaching on transitioning from dive/SDK to first stroke.
Trying to keep the training intensity up to break through this annoying plateau.
Reno meet in 4.5 weeks; not a big meet, the great swimmers avoid this one, however for me a relatively "poor" swimmer its a good training/set NEW benchmarks meet for the SCY season.

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