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Choosing Meet Events

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Now that I have decided that Iím NOT attempting to swim all the events this season, I need to figure out what I AM going to swim. My two upcoming SCM meets are

*Nov 21: The 1st Annual Bearcat Masters Invitational Meet, Baruch College, Manhattan
*Dec. 5-6: Colonies SCM Zone Championships, Dec. 5-6, Flushing Meadows Corona Park Pool in Queens

Zones is the meet Iíll be tapering for, so Iíll start by looking at its event order and figuring out what Iíll swim there. Iíll use the Baruch Bearcat Meet to swim events that Iím unable to swim at Zones, or want to swim twice this season. One of my criteria for choosing races is my goal of swimming personal 40-44 AG bests; this is my last year in that age group.

At Zones I can swim 5 events per day (not per session). Itís a local meet, so there will probably be enough teammates there to count on some relay swims.

Saturday Dec 5 MorningóSession #1
1. Women 400 FR: I havenít swum this event SCM since 2001, so I would pick up an automatic AG best time. I did swim it LCM in 2008 (5:16) and was pleased with that time, but the experience didnít leave me eager to swim it again any time soon, let alone open a multi-day meet with it. I think Iíll pass.
2. Mixed 400 Medley Relay
3. 200 BR: Iíve only swum this event once before, in 2008, so my AG/Masters/Lifetime best for SCM is a 3:16 (1:36). I would like to swim it again and see if I can better that time. One complicating factor may be the relay right beforehand.
4. 50 BK: One of my fave events. My AG best is 34.45, which I swam as relay leadoff in 2006. I donít know if I can better that, but I definitely want to swim this. A 50 right after a 200 probably wonít be too much of a problem, especially at a biggish meet.
5. 100 FL: I donít have an AG best, so this would be a gimme, but I donít particularly want to swim it, all the more so since I would be swimming events right before, and going into it a bit tired.
6. 100 FR: My very least favorite event. My AG best is 1:09, which is probably beatable, but nope, not swimming this.
7. 50 BR: I really like this event and am always up for seeing what the breaststroke speed gods have in store for me on any given day. My AG bestis 38.98. This is one of several events where my masters PR for LCM (37.8) beats my best SCM time (38.0).
8. 200 BK: I like this event, but have already swum it well once this year (2:45 in May). I think Iíll skip this fatiguing event in the interest of conserving some energy for later swims.
9. 100 IM: This used to be one of my fave events but Iíve struggled with it in recent years. Iíd like to see if I can beat my 1:16 AG best.
10-12. 200 FR Relay: I definitely hope I get to swim this. Swimming leadoff to get a 50 FR time would be really great.
Saturday Dec 6 AfternoonóSession #2
13. Mixed 800 Relay: Please not. 200 FR is my other very least favorite event, although swimming it with relay buddies is better than swimming it as an individual event. Besides, I would like to save my energy for the next event.
14. 400 IM: I swam this event for the first time ever about 10 years ago, when I was trying out a new event every year, and immediately fell in love with it. I love training for it, and love the challenges of swimming it well. My AG PR is 6:02, and it will take a good swim to beat that. I have an outside shot of swimming under 6:00, which would be cool.
15. 800 FR, and
16. 1500 FR: I was willing to swim one of these as part of my every-event project, but now that Iím no longer doing that Iím not inclined to impersonate a distance freestyler this season. Iíve never really engaged fully with the challenges of swimming a distance free race, so maybe that is a project for another season.

So, that gives me for the first day of Zones: 200 BR, 50 BK, 50 BR, 100 IM, and 400 IM.

Sunday, December 6 MorningóSession #3
17. Menís 400 FR: Hurray! Iíll get to sleep in!
18. 400 FR Relay: Will swim if coerced. See comments about 100 FR above.
19. 200 FL: I actually like this event ok. Itís another Iíve never fully engaged with. I have a glide-y fly that is pretty easy to swim, and thatís what I did the last time I swam this (2:57). To go significantly faster Iíd really have to work on maintaining my regular fly strokeówhich is about 10% faster, but about 20% more effortfulóover a 200, and I donít really want to make that a focus this season. So Iíll skip this one.
20. 100 BR: Iíve been doing more breaststroke in recent years, and am eager to swim it again after being sidelined this summer with my knee injury. I donít know if I can beat my AG best of 1:28 (41.8), but Iíll see what happens.
21. 50 FR: I love 50 Frees! But I also like the events before and after it. I'd like to go under :30; oddly enough, my 40-44 best is 29.9 in both LCM and SCM.
22. 200 IM: One of my fave events. My AG best is a tough 2:41. I definitely want to swim it, and will see what I can do.
23. 100 BK: I love 100 BK as well. That puts 4 of my faves right in a row. My AG best is a 1:16; I swam a 1:17 LCM this summer so might have a shot of besting that one.
24. 50 FL: I generally jump at the chance to swim a 50 of anything, but am just not feeling the love for my fly right now. My AG best is 32.9, which is a pretty good time for me.
25. 200 FR: My AG best is . . . um. . . a 2:39. Also, this is another event where my LCM best currently beats my SCM PR. But those are not enough inducements to swim this wretched event, or to do the training it requires.
26-28. 200 Medley Relays: Hope to swim this, and maybe get an extra go at a good 50 BK time!

So, the events I would like to swim on Sunday are the 100 BR, 50 FR, 200 IM, and 100 BK. The trouble is, these are all clumped together, and 4 events back-to-back is probably just too much. Iíll probably sign up for all of these, and decide nearer to the meet (after the timeline is published) which I want to swim and which Iím willing to scratch. Itís possible that I might get a time for the 50 FR from a relay the previous dayóif Iím happy with my relay swim I could skip it as an individual event. I could also swim the 100 BR, 50 FR, and 100 BK at the Baruch meet two weeks before, then skip the ones I was most satisfied with at Zones. I think that is what I will do.

So, now Iíve worked my events. Iíll send in my entries, think about my goals and keys for each event, and figure out what I need to do during my training between now and then to prepare myself for swimming fast!

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