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swimsuit addict

Fragility, and more fun with graphs

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After I graphed my best age-graded ratings in each event earlier this week, I started thinking about the time span in which I had swum those best-rated swims. Since this rating system is a way of comparing performances at different ages, graphing the number of best ratings achieved each year provides a snapshot of my masters swimming performance trajectory. Hereís how it looks:

What has kept me back in those years where Iíve recorded zero best performances? Motivation and the other things going on in life both factor in, but flipping the graph gives a pretty good approximation of my degree of injuredness in any given year. Note to self: Stay healthy!

Of course, thatís easier said than done, and handling injuries intelligently is probably just as important a skill as preventing them in the first place. Iím coping this week with a twingy left arm (a familiar bit of tendonitis, and a pretty minor setback in the scheme of things). Iíve had to modify my practice goals this week to reflect thatóinstead of getting in some fast FR and BK plus a few starts in preparation for my meet next Saturday, my first priority is to get my arm feeling good again. Sometimes, when I have meets looming, I struggle to avoid panicking when everything isnít going right with my body. When that happens, I just have to relax, either take a few days off or focus on the things I can do without pain, and trust that Iíve already put in plenty of good training for my upcoming swims. Since I hadnít quite reached that point last night, so I did go to team practice, and modified the workout by not doing fly and doing only BR for my sprints. Today I will take off, and then will probably swim easily by myself on Friday and see how things stand.

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  1. jim thornton's Avatar
    Interesting analysis. I need to go back and read the earlier blog, but I am assuming you are using some kind of age-graded system (Chris's?) to compute your best times here.

    If so, I think this is a really good idea, and one that I think I should try out myself, given that I am feeling a bit in a swimming rut these days.

    One thing that may or may not apply to your situation is the impact of racing suits on this. How can you compare, for example, a b70 time at 56 with an aquablade time at 50 with a Pro time at 54?

    Oh, well...

    Perhaps, as a swimsuit addict, you know these things!
  2. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Hi Jim, Yes, this is based on Chris's most excellent swim ratings calculator. My orignial post that graphed my best ratings for each event was on 11/9. I just discovered the whole ratings thing last week and am having fun having more numbers to play with!
    And no, I didn't really factor the changing suit technology into the equation. I've only worn the latest generation for tech suit for 2 of my best ratings, both in 08, so I don't think it would make that much difference to my graph. Besides, there are limits to how meticulous I'm willing to be (I read and took to heart your posting about lowering standards)!