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by , November 13th, 2009 at 07:50 PM (1000 Views)
5 am practice this morning. Swaim with Karen. There was a fast guy I had never seen before next to me in the other lane. Another guy I had never seen before, who was walking with the coach and carrying a cooler, came up to me and told me about this drink he wanted me to try, I cannot remember the name, The coach was telling him about my athletic adventures, so I guess that is why he picked me. The drink is suppossed to be a super-oxygenated water, I asked him some questions, to see why he was asking me to try it, and he said he sold it, but that was about it. I cannot remember the name of the drink, and it made me nauseous , so I stopped drinking it and went back to my water. The guy left before I could tell him it did not work. (it was suppossed to enhance performance)

800 free warm-up
8X100 free on 2:00 (a little too much rest, but since the dring made me nauseous and my asthma was kicking in, I took it)
1X200 free
10X25 hypoxic (1:5, 1-:9, 1:7) on :40 (good rest with my asthma)
1X400 free
2X100 with pull buoy - right arm/left arm pull alternate every 25 yds
150 slow kick with board

Practice tomorrow at 6 am - get to sleep in on Saturdays . Then to marathon expo and then Austin to see duaghter and attend baby shower (not for daughter ). We will get home late and then have to get up real early for hubby's marthon - he's only running half this year cause his sciatic nerve has really been hurting him - but he still runs . I point out the I have never been injured while swimming, but he just does not get it.
With all that going on and my mom's big dog to babysit, busy, busy weekend.

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Updated November 13th, 2009 at 08:03 PM by swim4me

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  1. pwb's Avatar
    I'm enjoying reading your blog. I saw this, " I point out the I have never been injured while swimming, but he just does not get it" and immediately my wife the runner came to mind. She and her runner friends are always comparing injuries and surgeries, but they keep doing it!

    Somewhere on the forum there's a link to a nice article that shows that adults who swim live longer than those who run ... I'm still waiting for the study that adds that adults who swim are actually smarter than those who run!
  2. swim4me's Avatar
    LOL, I just saw your comment. That study about who is smarter will happen and guess who will win!. Not only do swimmers live longer, but they probably walk longer as well.