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by , November 13th, 2009 at 10:48 PM (238 Views)
Thursday night I bagged swimming. I decided to go Friday instead and do a longer workout on my own.
So I went home, had a glass of chard, relaxed, did light house cleaning, and made some home cut crisp fresh french fries in deep fried oil! Wow, I love these decadent greasy treats.
The only exercise I got was running around all day at work (that's alot really!).

Friday I reported to LA Fitness directly after work. I did the following modified Mo Chambers workout:
*200 free stretch it out (rest 20 sec)
*200 free good tempo (rest 30 sec)
*5 X 150 (50 4 kick and roll drill, 75 moderate swim, 25 sprint) rest 20 seconds between each.
*4 X (300--200--100)
300's all freestyle pace building-rest "30
200's-1st one swim 150 free/kick 50
2nd one swim 100 free/kick 100
3rd one swim 50/kick 150
4th one Kick 200
100's-1st one free, last 3 backstroke hard.

3,500 scy--I liked this workout. I will do more from this file!

This week-end and Tuesday we will be swimming at Fisher's HS pool due to swim meets at Noblesville. I love this pool so I really don't care. It's a new (4 yrs) beautiful indoor 50 meter long, 10 lanes wide with a moveable bulkhead. The bottom is sort of rag painted deep turquoise; it reminds me of swimming in the sea!

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  1. KEWebb18's Avatar
    I have heard that pool @ Fishers is nice. I believe Butler swims their home meets there now since the new pool at the HRC is really a glorified recreation pool.
  2. Bobinator's Avatar
    Yes, that's the one. The water temp is always perfect, it's pristinely clean, and the lanes are super wide! It's a keeper!
    They have a really detailed Tiger mosaic tiled on the wall (their mascot). It's a work of art!