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Birthday Swim

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Wow! I made it to 55 today. Although I have avoided posting my workouts, my set this afternoon will be 55 x 50 on 55 seconds.

Boring? Most likely.

Symbolic? Yeah baby!

I'm going to Tempe next weekend to Ron Johnson Memorial.

I've got the need for speed! And I'm dedicating my 50 back to Ron.

He was a great human being and made a huge difference in the lives of so many swimmers. In a very real sense, he lives on in each swimmer who had a chance to be coached by him.

Rock on at 55!

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  1. Bobinator's Avatar
    Happy Birthday!
    I like your workout idea! Have fun doing it!
  2. swim4me's Avatar
    Happy Birthday!!!!!!
  3. gigi's Avatar
    Happy birthday, man! I'll give that workout a go on my b'day...though I won't be doing quite that number (close though!).
    Rock on
  4. pdjang's Avatar
    Gee, Thanks everybody. Without a doubt, the best thing about masters swimming are the friendships (both virtual and live).

    The set was fun. I did it with four other guys (who don't compete but like to workout). And after the set, they gave me a card and two cupcakes with candles.

    What more can you ask for? Swimming and bunch of good friends. WOOT!