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Meet preview: 50 BK and 50 FR

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My first swim in next Saturdayís meet will be in the 200 SCM Medley Relay (Iíll swim backstroke). Here are my goals and keys.

50 SCM Back:

Masters/lifetime best: 33.80 (2001)
40-44 best: 34.45 (2006)
Most recent time: 38.02 (2008)
My best-ever age-graded rating for this event is 90.9; I would need to swim a 34.06 equal that.

I want to hit a really good start in this, with fast dolphins and a good breakout. Iíve been working on my BK start this season. I would like to go under 35.

Push with hands on start and get to streamline quickly; smooth breakout; strong kick, quick turnover; pick up tempo from flag to turn; strong kick and count strokes on way home. Sometimes I try to be too smooth and pretty on my sprint backstrokeóI need to think about power and not worry about it feeling a bit violent.

Push, kick, churn, flags

Things I need to focus on this week
Iíll swim at a SCM pool once more before the meet to check my turn timing with the flags at 5M. I also want to double check the blocks at Baruch (the meet venue) so I know what to expect on meet day.

The very next event is the 50 SCM Free.

Masters/lifetime best: 28.70 (2001)
40-44 best (and most recent time): 29.92 (6/2008)
My best-ever age-graded rating for this event is 91.0; I would need to swim a 29.37 to equal that.

I would like to swim under :30 this season; getting that extra .09 to beat my 40-44 best would be even better.

Smooth breakout after dive; fast turnover; quick and easy turn w/great streamline; keep head down and turnover up on 2nd 25. I love this race and am looking forward to swimming it. I need to not overthink things as Iím waiting behind the blocksójust go!

Mantras: Head down; GOGOGO

What I need to focus on this week: doing flip turns without lifting my head up to look at wall before I turn; smooth breakouts after starts and turns; balance some sprint work with getting my arm completely well

This past week I had the opportunity to sign up for videotaping and analysis clinic with swimmetrics. Hurray! Iím overdue for a videotaping sessionómy last one was several years ago. The bad news is that the only opportunity to do it will be on the same day as this upcoming meet. Thatís not ideal (the taping seems to involve several sprint 25s of each stroke, which is way more sprinting than I generally do during meet warmups), but I decided to go ahead and do it anyway. Now I have a 15-minute videotaping session scheduled for 11 am, the meet has warmups at 2 pm and starts at 3. It will be an interesting day full of swimming, at 2 different pools. I am imagining that doing the videotaping plus the meet might feel like swimming two or three events in a single day at a big meet like nationals, where each event involves a separate trip to the pool and its own warmup and warmdown.

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    How come you count strokes on the second lap of your 50 back?
  2. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Counting strokes--I do this because it helps me focus on (1) catching water with each stroke and (2) keeping my turnover high. When I start getting tired, I tend to get very efficient at getting my hands through the water, and less good at actually using them to propel the rest of me. Somehow, chanting "one two three . . ." to myself seems to automatically change my focus to making each stroke count for something. So in that sense, it's a shortcut key--what I'm actually focusing on isn't the same thing as what I'm seeking to accomplish.

    I think it also gives me some sense that the swim is actually finite, and that I'm making progress towards being done, and that's a comfort when things start hurting at the end of sprints!