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No time to post yesterday - so added it with todays

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by , November 15th, 2009 at 05:37 PM (771 Views)
Saturdays I drop in and swim with the Masters of South Texas. They have awesome coaches and some of my friends swim with them regularly. The weekday times do not work so well for me, so I swim with the on Saturdays.

Got to the pool just before 6:00 am. Kara was to my left and I shared a lane with Scott. I started in a lane by myself, but the faster swimmers were at the other end, so I moved to be with them.

Did a 150 easy warmup. Felt stiff and air was thick we have high humidity today.

The assigned set was:
6 X 100 free decending
5 X 100 free pull
4 X 100 IM
3 X 100 choice
2 X 100 free
1 X 100 kick

We did the 6 X 100 on 1:45 and I had to use my inhaler after 3, so I missed 50 out of the 4th set and caught the next 50 and swam a little easier.

The Free pull was good. This is one of my favorite things to do. Used paddles and a pull buoy. Did an extra 100 after some coaching to keep my hand more rigid and wrist slightly pointed down 50 with paddles and 50 without. I have been adjusting my stroke lately. I have been swimming free with reaching my arms out far before the enter the water, so they enter flat. Then I have been pulling with a straight arm. The past 2 weeks, I have been practicing putting my arm in closer to my head at an angle and then bending my elbow right away. My weekday coach had me doing my stroke that way. The M.O.S.T coach coached me to swim free this way, and when I look at videos, this is the way to do it.

The 100 IMs felt good, but I can tell my fly is still week. I kept my form, but was exhausted, back which is my worst stroke, felt pretty good, then breast and free are gravy.

After that, the coach wanted to time my 200 breast. I have never swam it in competition and am planning on it at the meet next weekend.

Scott was still swimming his 1 X 100 choice (back) and we were splitting the lane, so I was a little concerned that he would stray over the line, or that I would kick him in passing, but neither happened. Also, my practice suit is stretchy, so every time I pushed off, it would move over on my left chest. Not sure how far over, but I was not about to take chances, so after streamline, I would very quickly pull it back over X 8, then get back in streamline. My pullouts are long and the coach told me to hold them as long as possible as that is the key on a 200.

I started and kept it comfortable, holding the pullout. I tried not to go too high on my turns. After the first 100, the whole practice, 10 swimmers, were cheering me at each turn, that encouragement always helps . I started speeding up a little on the last 100 and sprinted all out the last 50. It felt pretty good. Not near as bad as I thought it could have probably means I was not pushing hard enough. Being a sprinter, I am trying to learn patience when I swim over a 100. My time was 3:21:6. The meet on this weekend is a meter pool, so I will still try to beat the time. My splits were descending, so that part of my strategy was good. I just need to do the same thing this weekend.

I was very glad for this opportunity. I feel more prepared for this weekend now. I have decided to sign up for the 400 free, which I have never swam at a meet before, 50 free and 50 breast these will be Saturday. On Sunday, I will swim the 200 breast, the 100 free and the 50 fly. I am starting to talk myself out of the 50 fly, but I may wait until later in the week to decide.

After workout, some of use went for coffee and a bite to eat. Then I went home, to the marathon expo with hubby and to Austin. Busy day did not get home till 10 and then had to get ready for 7 am run (hubby to get up at 4:40 for marathon)

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