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easy Monday morning swim with team

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I swam with my team this morning at Baruch College, the venue for Saturday's meet. I was glad to get another opportunity to swim in a SCM pool in order to check my backstroke turns and finishes with the 5M flags. I also scouted out the pool and nearby areas to picture where I might find a quiet place away from the action if I need it during the meet.

Since I'm still coddling my arm (bicep tendonitis--much better today), I modified the main freestyle set. I replaced some of the moderate FR swims with some fast BK into and out of walls to practice my turns, and some BR turns in a slow/med/fast progression. I also got to practice a few starts at the end of workout--I did 2 backstroke and 2 freestyle. They weren't perfect, but they were pretty good, and I don't think I need to do much more start work before my meet.

(One thing that I've noticed when watching international meets on tv is that some backstrokers grab onto vertical bars rather than horizontal bars on the starting blocks when they set themselves. International blocks seem to have extra places to place your hands. I would like to try starting with my hands positioned perpendicular to the water rather than horizontally. I played around with the blocks this morning to see if it was possible, but the only vertical parts of the block were positioned too far apart. I'll keep looking when I go to different pools and see if I can find some suitable ones, though.)

All told, I swam about 3200 meters, with a lot of good quality work on small pieces of races.

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