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by , November 19th, 2009 at 08:59 PM (305 Views)
I am getting very sick of the rain and gloom around here. This weather makes me feel wickedly psycho!

I decided to skip practice tonight in order to rest for the 2 day meet this week-end. I threw a load in the laundry after work and checked e-mail. The meet was cancelled due to lack of officials.
I'm not upset about missing the races, I can always find lots to do on the week-end. However I am bummed about the room I pricelined today during my lunch is non-refundable.
I think my son may be able to use it. Louisville has a great skate park, he thinks he can get a few friends together and go down Sat. and Sun.
I hope this works out. I don't mind paying for the room as long as someone gets some good use from it!
I read a post today from a very good source stating stretchy band exercises may hurt swimmers more than it helps them.
I would like more information on this subject. I have been using them 5 times a week for about 6 weeks. If I'm not making things better I would love to quit doing these exercises.
Of course my next question is "now what do I do to keep my shulders healthy?"

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    I don't use stretchy bands. I use 3 lb handweights for many of the exercises. You may want to invest in the Buchberger video on RC exercises.
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    And I really hope your son can use the room. That totally sucks about the meet. What about the people who may have tapered for it? Nothing worse than wasting a taper.
  3. Bobinator's Avatar
    I will go to Amazon asap for the video! I'd rather watch it than read how to do anyday!
    I know a few people who tapered for the L'ville meet. I feel bad for them. I really didn't taper. I probably would have taken today off anyway due to tiredness and lack of enthusiasm but........tomorrow is another day!
  4. aztimm's Avatar
    Could you give a few examples of what you do with the stretch bands?

    When I did physical therapy I used a couple kinds of bands for a few routines. One I put the band around my calves and walked low down and back a few times. I used other bands for stretching exercises.

    I just hate blanket statements like this, "bands are bad," or, "weights are bad." Sure if you overdo, don't have correct form, etc you can hurt yourself. But done correctly, and in moderation, I think bands are a great tool.
  5. jessicafk11's Avatar
    I had PT for my shoulder and they did have me do some exercises with the bands (and I am supposed to still be doing them, and I mean to do them, really, I just haven't been). I'd be interested in hearing more about if those exercises are good or not as well.
  6. The Fortress's Avatar

    This was recommended by my chiro. I need to watch it again myself!
  7. Bobinator's Avatar
    Thanks Fort, I'm ordering right now.