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Getting ready for the first meet

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by , November 19th, 2009 at 10:51 PM (865 Views)
I'm getting ready for first meet of this season -- a sprint only meet this Saturday afternoon. It's at the same pool that I used to practice in with my former team. Of course, now I don't swim at that pool or with that team -- and the team doesn't train at that pool either. But the pool's still there and it will be my first time back.

So I did my last workout before the meet tonight. But now that I train all on my own (I'm on a sort of "virtual" team that doesn't have coaches or practices), I have to share my lanes with swimmers who, um, may not really know what they're doing. Like tonight when I was trying to circle with someone who going straight up the middle of the lane -- when she wasn't weaving from side to side. (I couldn't get too mad at her, since I don't think she knew was doing that.)

Fortunately this was only during my warmup, when I was mostly doing drills. She was finished before I did my hard swims -- which, by the way, were a lot faster than I expected.

Anyway, Saturday's meet is a small, local event, that I'm using as a warmup for Colones SCM Zones, in two weeks. And a couple of days ago I sent in my entry for a SCY meet at Eisenhower Park on January 24.

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