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Holiday Plans

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First, my sincere wishes to all swimmers for a safe and fun holiday season.

I'm officially off work for the rest of the year and will be back in the office on January 5th! After 27 years with the Army Research Labs, I've reached the age where I'm almost out to pasture and have the "use or lose" leave to prove it.

I'm planning to use the time off to do a couple of things. First, I want to reflect back on the past year and think about both the good things and the things that I know I should improve upon. Second, I'll use the time to make plans for the upcoming year.

I've organized a big holiday swim for the end of the year. It's called "Los Rapidos" for historical reasons, although it is anything but speedy. The set is 109 x 100 yards on 1:45. I really dislike the set, but a lot of people like to do this crazy cult swim, so I reserved 4 hours of pool time. I've invited all of the local kids teams and the high school team to participate. Fortunately, I've asked a friend to organize the counting. I did it one year and screwed up which caused a lot of complaining.

As far as swimming plans go, because I've hit that magically FINA age group change, I'm taking a hard look at the Canadian SCM Nats (rather than Clovis) and Indy (LCM Nats).

I'm also involved with New Mexico Senior Olympics and plan to go to the National Senior Games in Stanford. It is great to see swimmers that normally don't go to USMS events, but are outstanding multi-sport athletes in their own right. For example, Colleen Burns, from MacIntosh, NM, won the women's 5K in 20:35 and was a multiple medalist in swimming. Her 5K time was the fastest womens time overall. And her son is a great triathlete, competitive swimmer and high school teacher and head swimming coach.

My point is that when you go to the National Senior Games, you get to see other athletes in other sports (volleyball, track and field, table tennis, etc) besides swimming. It is a great multisport event and a real celebration of life.

Personally, at the state level, I've competed in swimming, racquetball (a fun game that takes up too much of my time) and triathlon. I keep wanting to try air rifle, but the cost of a competitive air rifle is about $2K - a bit out of my league. The old daisy bb gun just doesn't cut it.

Another holiday plan is to refurbish the upstairs. I need to remove all the old carpet and moulding and check the foundation. If it looks good, I'll start installing a very pretty blonde ash engineered floor. Hopefully, I will have the same number of fingers remaining when I finish. I did smash my thumb trying to pound finishing nails the last time and it was a bloody mess.

I guess planning is kind of like making New Years resolutions. We will see how far I get with actually completing these plans.

Best wishes to all for the holidays!

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  1. coach's pet 1's Avatar
    Good luck on the plans. Happy Holidays. Congrats on a great year.