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Haven't swam for a week now

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by , December 17th, 2008 at 08:02 PM (938 Views)
But I did go to a 45 minute spinning class during my lunch hour.

Am planning to go to the hotel pool tomorrow morning for a short swim.

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  1. jaegermeister's Avatar
    I would definitely be with you on avoiding the hotel pool. Seems like a great time for cross training. How's the snow? Ever do any cross-country skiing? Do you do Yoga on your own or do you have a good class?
  2. poolraat's Avatar
    Me and skis don't get along verry well. I keep falling on my ass. I go to a yoga class at the gym and it's not too bad. The teacher and I started practicing at the same time 7 years ago so we're at about the same level.