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Getting set for SCM Zones

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by , December 2nd, 2009 at 09:45 PM (1017 Views)
The heat sheets and timeline for the Colonies Zone SCM meet this weekend is online at the Metro LMSC website. It looks like, even the meet is two days, my meet will be very short.

I'm only going to the Sunday session and, according to the timeline, all my events will be over by 12 noon. So I won't have to sit there all day watching people older than me swim faster than me -- unless, of course, I really want to. Since warm up starts at 9 AM, my meet will be about three hours long.

Back when I was still on a team, I would stay and watch my teammates. But now I don't have teammates (I'm registered with an umbrellla club, but that's not the same -- it's really swimming unattached.) I can still stay and watch my friends, though.

Anyway, I'll report back after the meet.

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