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weds double

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by , September 25th, 2008 at 11:28 AM (884 Views)
morning at suny (only 4 of us)
johnny coaching

main set:
6x 400 on 5:20
held 14 spl, descended 5:00 - 4:55

rest 1:00

5x 100 on 1:12
held 16 spl went :06, :07, :07, :08, :06

afternoon at lake A_______.
swam 2x length with willie.
out together in 23:50
i came back in 25: 30 (willie dusted me)
i'm feeling it! my legs were really tightening up on the way back. water temp in the low 60's, but flat. trees are starting to turn (2-3 weeks to peak).

this might be the last week we get three sessions in at the lake.

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