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Finally, another SCY 200 Free this Friday

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Any comments on not kicking?

I have two meets this weekend. A USAS meet Friday and a USMS meet Saturday.

Here is my plan:
- no more kick set until Sunday
- normal weights (which is light tonight)
- normal training in the water substituting backstroke for kick (about 3k/day)

Friday is the 200 Free. It is at a 50M pool, so hopefully the meet will be at one end of the pool, leaving the other end for warm up. If that is the case, I will get a long easy warm up in, about 1500. If not, I will get in what I can. The 200 free is right after the 12 and Under 50 breast (Friday night all ages swim, the rest of the weekend is broken up). This is good for me, because I want to get in and get it over with.

The goal is JUST to break 2:00, putting me at A meets for the rest of the season.

I want to split 27 high, 3x 29 high. This, in theory, should be cake with my 50 is a 24 low and 100 is a 53 mid, and leaves me with a lot of wiggle room to still break 2:00. Went out 27 low on the previous USAS 200 attempt, and died the last 100.

And I am going to try to kick a steady six beat the first 150, then hammer the legs home.

Saturday is just a fun meet. I will get lots of race pace 50s in, but I don't think we are going to set any records. This meet is pretty much the NATIONAL meet of North Texas relays. Hopefully I get to swim on the 4x25 free relay from the block end.

Should I wear my legskins one last time? I think they are spent.

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Good idea to rest the legs a bit before your meets.

    Have fun at Nationals. lol Wear the legskins one last time.
  2. tjrpatt's Avatar
    It is always good to experiment.

    Good juck and if your legskins aren't wrinkly and lumpy, they are still good.