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by , December 13th, 2009 at 05:38 PM (2660 Views)
I've been planning to construct a feed stick since I saw them employed at the NYC Pro-swim this past summer. It was the first time I saw them up close enough and was able to identify the components necessary for a durable and effective unit that will travel well. A google search for "swivel cup holder" came up with several units that are intended for limiting spillage of beverages mounted on everything from baby strollers to motorcycles to bass boats. The list of retailers was frightening and included Target and Gander Mountain... both have stores in nearby Kingston. I started at the dreaded Target... the first person sent me to housewares, housewares sent me to the baby dept, baby to automotive.... a discount shoppers purgatory, and no positive results.

I stopped next at Gander Mountain and found myself somewhat unprepared for display of things stuffed with menacing expressions... (and there were animals in there too). Could someone explain the reasoning behind camo fishing gear? Its not that I wasn't aware of the existence of such a sub-culture (if I may toss the word "culture" around so loosely), but to be in an enclosed space with dozens of people that consider day-glow orange the new black and enough ammo to eliminate every living thing in the county made me feel a bit out of place. Well anyway, they had the swivel cup holders I was looking for, and as I paid for them with a cc, I'm sure my name will be added to the Ulster County Militia's mailing list.

Next stop: a big sporting goods store for a "golf ball retriever". I found a 12' extension pole with a little loop on the end. I don't mind admitting that the golfing section weirded me out as much as Gander Mountain.

Tomorrow I'll round up some bits of hardware and put it all together for some trial sessions at the pool later this week.

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  1. Chicken of the Sea's Avatar
    Let me know how it goes! I'm expecting great things from your camo feeding stick. Please include photos and technical drawings/specs.

    I was thinking of making one last year and wondered if a fishing rod would do the trick.
  2. chaos's Avatar
    i've added a second cup to the end (for balance and perhaps a solid food snack). i think it will work well for feeding from a large boat and will certainly be an asset when it gets rough out there. i was never really happy with the old toss a bottle on a string thing. i think for MIMS i will be feeding from a kayak... but maybe not.
    i'll get clare to upload some photos... (i'm the dullard of the house)
  3. Chicken of the Sea's Avatar
    I must have photos and drawings!
    I was mostly nowhere near my boat for MIMS so the whole lot came from the kayaker (if he could be found hehe).

    Have you thought of using Klingon Pain Sticks instead of feeding sticks??[ame=""]YouTube- Star Trek Klingon Part 8 - That Too is a Weapon[/ame]