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The Holiday Schedule

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by , December 13th, 2009 at 07:37 PM (4553 Views)
My pool just posted the schedule for the holidays -- December 24 - January 3. Yes, it will be open every day, including Christmas and New Year's Day (short hours Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Years' Day, but open). So I never need to miss a day becuse of the holidays.

But here's the weird thing -- it'll be at 50 meters the entire time; no short course at all.

The pool is usually set with two 25 yard courses. Even in the summer (aka long course season), the management only sets the pool at 50 meters three nights a week.

So I'm trying to understand the thought process behind solid long course swimming in he middle of short course season. (The fact that I don't really like long course has nothing to with it -- we'll only a little.)

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  1. tjrpatt's Avatar
    Long course during the holidays sounds like a great gift to me! Gosh, a pool that is open on Christmas, nice!
  2. nyswimmer's Avatar
    Oh, I'm happy the pool is open. Just puzzled. They've never set it at 50 meters during the winter before.
  3. chaos's Avatar
    where is your pool?
    do they have a drop in policy?
  4. nyswimmer's Avatar
    Asphalt Green, in Manhattan (Upper East Side, 91st Street and York Ave.). Drop ins are $35 per visit.
  5. tjrpatt's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by nyswimmer
    Asphalt Green, in Manhattan (Upper East Side, 91st Street and York Ave.). Drop ins are $35 per visit.
    that is insane even for NYC.
  6. gigi's Avatar
    $35 = yipes!
  7. nyswimmer's Avatar
    OK. I just double checked -- it's $15 to join the masters team workout, with a USMS card, subject to space availability. I don't know the workout schedule for that week, though. (I don't train with the AG team because the regular schedule doesn't fit my work schedule.)