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by , December 22nd, 2009 at 09:13 AM (393 Views)
I'm back!
I spent most of December fighting off a bad sinus, throat, ear, coughing, green phlegm infection sort of thing. I'd think I was getting better and swim an easy workout, then lapse back into feeling worse than ever. I finally went to my Dr. a week and a half ago and got some meds. They worked!
It really worked out okay since I needed the extra time at work and holiday parties. I just wish I could have felt better.

Now it's time to start getting ready for the July 17-20th Morse Reservoir 10K National Championships! I'll just be swimming to finish but I still think I need to up my yardage and focus on longer intervals.
I quit my LA Fitness membership; the water is too hot workout the way I want. I am starting to go to Carmel Aquatic Center in the early mornings before work. I can swim there for free and it is one of my top 3 favorite pools!

Yesterday's CAC Workout Solo:

*500 drill warm-up (100 catch-up drill/100 6 and roll drill/100 dps drill/100 finger drag drill/100 opposite side only breath)
*200 Backstroke Swim/200 Backstroke Kick (no fins and it took forever!)
*15 X 100: Grouped in sets of 3. Each set descends 5 seconds on the interval. 2:00/1:55/1:50/1:45/1:40
*200 Back/150 Back/100 Back/50 Back
1:00 per 100 interval
*Super 500 Swim (Kick only on 25 recovery swim)

Now I need to go start creating some Holiday Magic!!!!!

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  1. gigi's Avatar
    Oh Bobinator! I was wondering where you were these past few weeks. As you know, I had a bit of the lingering sinus misery myself - glad hear you're better! I just may steal your workout.
    And 1:00 per 100 interval on that last bit? Pretty impressive!
  2. quicksilver's Avatar
    Yes welcome back. You'll never be able out-sick jimby though.
    I like that you've got an eye on July already. As I know from many a teacher(including my spouse)...the year really flies right after Winter recess.

    100's on a minute indeed!
  3. Bobinator's Avatar
    Whoops, the backstroke was 1:00 PER 50 pace not 100. I wish I could do them on that per 100!
    I am losing my mind in small pieces!