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12/22: Test Set Tuesday

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Yesterday pretty much sucked as random things going wrong, both at work and at home. My day ended with me figuring out that the warm puddles that I couldn't find the source of probably were a leak in the hot water line in the wall. Merry Christmas to a local plumber!

Point: I tried to use yesterday as an excuse to skip today. Lazy wife was not hearing it, as she is trying to get lots of working out in preparation of gluttonous feasting Thursday and Friday.

Warm up:
- 200 free
- 100 back
- 100 kick moderate pace
- 100 back
- 100 free
Main Set:
- 5x200 on 7:00 went 2:31, 2:32, 2:26*, 2:27, 2:27
- 5x4x25 swam 4x25 back after each 200
Warm down:
- 300 amoeba

* Pretended to have the tempotrainner on, beep, beep, beep. My turnover must have increased from that. Kinda silly, but I will be saying beep beep beep in my next race.

Amoeba: This is Speedo's term for what his easy swim after a AFAP 200 is like. I understood amoeba swimming much better now after my test set. It probably doesn't look like swimming.

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