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Pool set up for LCM today

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by , December 23rd, 2009 at 09:24 AM (1281 Views)
Practice at 5 am and pool was suprisingly set up for LCM. Nice change of pace. Stretched and then:

1X500 free warm up
4X200 free on 3 minutes
5X100 free
cool down
Christmas breakfast with the team

Total of 1800 meters in 30 minutes.

Today I will be attending a memorial service for a 46 year-old divorced dad of two little girls (he was going to have them for Christmas this year) killed in a motorcycle accident Friday evening. A truck pulled out in front of him. He was on a Honda Gold Wing and wearing a helmet. If you ride a motorcycle PLEASE be careful!!!! Other vehicles don't always see you and you have no protection around you if you do get in an accident.
Those litle girls will always remember that their dad died the week before Christmas - waaaaay too soon.

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