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Sunrise workout Wednesday morning

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This morning was warmer, and I was rewarded for getting to the pool early by a gorgeous sunrise during my warmup first set. I swam backstroke as much as I could to watch it.

The pool was set up SCY. We had a group of 3 masters swimmers, all visiting this area (from the Bay area, Cincinnati, and New York). We each contributed a set to the workout, and had a fun time together. Here’s what we did:

400 warmup

Pyramid set: 100 FR, 200 IM, 300 Pull, 400 Swim Choice, then 400-300-200-100 (same on way down)

The Math Set (this was my contribution):
21 x 50 @ 1:00; all free EXCEPT multiples of 3 are BR, multiples of 4 are BK, and multiples of 7 are FL. If a number is a multiple of 2 of the above (like 12), the stroke that falls earlier in the IM trumps the stroke that falls later in the IM. [I sprinted into and out of the wall and worked the turn on all of these. I first came across this set when I played polo; it seems to be designed to distract polo players from the fact that they're actually swimming laps. If we had wanted to make things more complicated this morning with this set, we could have done prime numbers as kick, but we stuck to the basics.]

4 x 150 pull @ 2:10

Then since I wasn’t quite ready to get out of the pool, I did

2 x (100 FR @ 1:30, 50 K @ 1:00, 100 IM @ 1:30, 50 K @ 1:00)

200 IM kick

250 WD

This pool is closed for the next 3 days; I might check out the pool at my gym during that time.

Hoping to squeeze in weights today between wrapping and decorating and cooking!

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