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Triple today

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by , December 23rd, 2009 at 04:54 PM (1030 Views)
Wednesday, 12/23/09

As I will spend the holiday eating and drinking too much and lying around doing nothing, I am doing a triple today. Swim in the morning, spinning at noon and a short run after work.

Morning swim:
400 swim free
4 x 100 kick choice w/10 sec. rest

swim 12 x 100:
1-3 free
4-6 IM, take 5 sec. rest at each 25
7-9 pull free breathe on 3
10-12 back, work the walls and the stroke range

100 easy

Total: 2100 meters

40 minute spinning class at the gym

Evening Workout:
Lifting 12 oz weights at the Stray Dog.

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