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Sunday morning

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by , December 27th, 2009 at 11:30 AM (2749 Views)
Today is a sunny, cool 35 degrees. I did not want to run today (I NEVER want to run), but I like to be with my friends, so we planned on a meeting place about 2 miles from my house. I took the dog since she was so excited as I filled up my water bottle (I also brought her leash, but did not plan to use it).

As I neared the waiting place, I saw two people, I thought one was Ernie, but the other was too tall for who I was expecting to see. It turned out to be Bob, on of our swimming buddies. Kathy and Kara and run the other direction looking for Bob, but he had driven to the meeting spot since he is building up his mileage.

I introduced Kara and Bob to Samantha the dog, who by the way did very well without her leash.

We ran 3 miles to the end of the road and turned around. It was another .5 mile to my neighborhood. Kathy and Ernie refilled their water bottle at my house and the rest of them took of again.

5.5 miles is a good amount for me to build back up my distance. It was a beautiful day, with good friends and a good dog. I took a hot bath upon returning and am feeling real good right now.

Running buddies are how I keep up some of my cross-training. I HATE to run, but my friends are so fun to run with, I forget that I am running. The dog is also a good running buddy. She has stuck close to me all morning because of the run (I think she is in love with me again )

Happy Swimming

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    Puppy love is the best love!