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Yay!! A real Pool!

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by , December 27th, 2009 at 11:12 PM (2707 Views)
Was In Boise for Christmas so I got to swim in the pool at the Boise West YMCA. So nice after swimming in a hotel pool for the last few weeks.

Solo, SCY

800 swim as 400 free, 400 back
300 IM drill, did these as k/d/s for each stroke
kick 6 x 50 on RI :10, did 2x flutter w/board, breast w/board, dolphin on back

18 x 75 choice on 1:30:
did 6 sets of 3 descending each set. odd sets free, even sets back

Take 2 min. rest
swim 1 x 25 fast
did fly at about 16 from a push
easy 25

swim down 200 easy choice
Total: 3000 yards

I drove back to Elko after this and in the evening did a run at the gym on the treadmill
walk 1/4 mi
run 2-3/4 mi
walk 1/4 mi

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