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Sunny morning swim

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This morning temperatures were in the high 30s, but the pool was open, and the water was warm and the sun bright. I did the following workout with a few other masters swimmers who showed up between 6 and 7. The pool was set up SCY.

600 warmup

8 x 75 K/D/S, IM order twice through

3 x (3 x 100 desc., 1 x 100 EZ, 1 x 100 fast) [Sets 1 and 3 were FR on 1:45; Set 2 was IM on 2:00. I went 1:08 and 1:04 on my fast frees, and 1:16 on my fast IM.]

3 x 200 pull @ 3:10

12 x 25 @ :30; every 4th is sprint FL

5 x 100 pacman IMs @ 2:00; 1st is all Swim, 2nd is 25K/75S, 3rd is 50K/50S; 4th is 75K/25S, 5th is all Kick

100 warmdown

I had felt sluggish this morning and wasn’t excited about going to the pool, but I ended up having a really fun workout (with lots of chatting in between sets) and felt really glorious after. I really wish I could bring this pool back to New York with me!

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