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Vlog the Inhaler, or The Occasional Video Blog Musings of Jim Thornton

Lost Trove Found

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When I first got on Facebook, what we young people who text and so forth refer to as a "social networking site," I accidentally replaced what is known as my "wall" with an alternative known as the "advanced wall" or maybe the "super wall" or possibly the "fun wall" or the "amazing wall."

The one benefit of this advanced, super, fun, and/or amazing "wall" was that it allowed you to do cartoons, albeit ones that must be drawn with the mouse.

As regular viewers might note, I have trouble drawing recognizable features, such as, for instance, a squirrel or a gall bladder, under ideal conditions.

Drawing a squirrel or gall bladder with a mouse proved to be exceptionally challenging.

In any event, I did a series of nightly mouse drawn cartoons that required captions to make even a little wee tiny corpuscle of sense.

My beloved brother John collected these together, asked me to provide a capsule description of the cartoon itself and the circumstances under which I drew it, and then posted the entire collection on the web.

Eventually, I realized that none of my Facebook friends had an "advanced" "super" "fun" or "amazing" wall, and thus none of them ever got any of my messages. Nor did they ever respond to me in any way! It was almost as if they were giving me what the prison authorities gave Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky after his arrest for alleged subversion to Tsar Nicholas: i.e., the "silent treatment" where the guards even wore velvet-soled boots!

Utterly ignored for two years -- all the while me thinking it was only because I was pathetically unpopular!

It took quite a while, but finally I figured out how to restore my "wall" without adjectives--or as our British friend SwimStud might say, in his continental way--without sans adjectives.

I have not been able to do mouse drawn cartoons since.

If you would like to befriend me on Facebook, please do a search for James Scott Thornton--my full name, which narrows the possibilities down from 12,842,117 Jim Thorntons to merely 87,423 James Scott Thorntons.

I like to think of myself as The James Scott Thornton, but the use of the article will not refine your Facebook search for me.

Do not worry about befriending an "unpopular" person, whose "unpopularity" might somehow wipe off on you, tainting, staining, and causing to putrefy your own reputation.

I am actually quite the Facebook dandy, if I do say so myself, averaging at least one "notification" per month, and often two. Plus, if you look at the advertisements that adorn the right hand of my "profile," you will be pleased to note that an ever revolving assortment of women appear to be trying to find me, though I do not remember ever meeting these women. If I did, it must have been at a medical convention of incredibly beautiful 20 somethings seeking breast reduction surgery, for this appears to be their one common feature.

But I babble.

Here is the lost treasure trove of mouse drawn cartoons with explicatory subcaptions, rediscovered by me accidentally several minutes before I wrote this word here.

There are worse ways to spend the end of 2009 than to read and view my lost but found cartoon corpus of work. I am not sure exactly what these worse ways are, but I am certain they exist.

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  1. Bobinator's Avatar
    A very eclectic collection of art! I like # 30 the best, it's sweet.
    I had a friend who was a greeting card sentiment writer for a while after he graduated from college.
    You could have been the illustrator and writer!
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Good lord, those are so date. Back to the former ambien CR pre-lunesta and pre-sonata days ...

    I liked the inexplicable heel hypochondriasis drawing.
  3. jim thornton's Avatar
    Ladies, I am hoping there will be new cartoons to come.

    Without my juvenilia, how will see progress to the mature works?

    I am actually partial to #8 and #27 myself, the first a Classics Illustrated version of my swimming friend Meera's thesis in neurobiology, and the second a celebration of my other friend Jessie's election to an odd site that recognizes the artistic knitting of highly tattooed women.

    Leslie, now I remember! You were one of the few with Advanced Wall capabilities! This must be a lovely walk down memory lane!

    Bob, did Tom contact you -- or Carol?
  4. RustyScupperton's Avatar
    Why did you have to "discover" this "lost" treasure? It has been sitting patiently on my website for years! I am sure if I had included a hit counter, it would have passed a million and started over several times!
  5. Bobinator's Avatar
    Not yet although I was at school all night getting ready for a week long sub teacher.
    The only missed call I could find was from Nigel Clark. I have no idea who Nigel is.....he sounds interesting though.
  6. jim thornton's Avatar
    Nigel is Chris's husband, and I think his name comes up when she calls sometimes. Very nice guy.

    Johnny boy, I think it had been hiding in plain site somehow. And now that I have managed to link it to my vlog, I fear it will be hiding in two places that are both in plain site.

    Thanks for displaying it. If you build it, they will come. But if I draw it with a mouse, I don't suppose they will come.
  7. Red60's Avatar

    These are hilarious. The diseased heel, the nipple fetish, and the rapidly drawn squirrel (to cite only a few) are works of rare insight.
  8. RustyScupperton's Avatar
    Ditto on that last comment!
  9. Bobinator's Avatar
    All those nipples freaked me out!
    I don't like to see multiples of any body parts detached from its origional home.
  10. jim thornton's Avatar
    Thanks to one and all. Robin, sorry about the detached nipples, but it wouldn't have been implosion therapy if they looked too inviting, now would it?

    I invite Red60 to post the link to his amazing art work and illustrated novel here. He is the inventor (if memory serves) of a unique art assignment to his students--100 portraits (was it self portraits?) over the course of a weekend, using different styles for each one.

    Something along these lines.