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The Importance of Being Earnest

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Chicken O'C rides again!!!!

I was lucky enough to land a spot in the 2010 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim (

This year I'll be raising money for the American Macular Degeneration Foundation (, an organisation that raises awareness and supports research into the disease that took my grandfather's eyesight and, only a few months ago, a great deal of my mother's.

I won't start begging for donations until about April, but in the meantime my training has begun in earnest. Poor Earnest.

Not one to suffer alone, I plan to document my entire training process in painfully boring detail on this blog, including sudoku breaks, cups of coffee consumed, and visits to the loo.

Youtube provided my inspiration tonight, and I'd like to share the motivational interlude I found. This is how three nautical chappies see New York in just one day.

I hope I can also see New York in just one day on June 12th!!

[ame=""]YouTube- Gene Kelly Frank Sinatra - "New York, New York"[/ame]

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  1. ViveBene's Avatar

    Yay! I saw some big mileage being put up on GTD and wondered... It's early this year, so, to prepare for the colder water, will you be tackling the makeup Polar Plunge?

    Fantastic news!
  2. chaos's Avatar
    let the games begin!
  3. Chicken of the Sea's Avatar
    Yeah I'm gonna do the Polar Bear.
    Terrified of the cold water! I guess I'll be spending May in the lake.....
  4. The Fortress's Avatar

    Oooh, I'm a sudoku junkie too.
  5. Chicken of the Sea's Avatar
    I was addicted enough at one point that I used to do it in my rest periods on long swims. I think when I swim alone I might go a bit batty
  6. kristilynn's Avatar
    Congrats Amanda! You're amazing! Happy laps in '10
  7. jim thornton's Avatar
    I think we SeaDragons need to buy team suits that look like those Navy uniforms.

    Sewick, SeWICK! It's a wonderful town!