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1/06/09--I hope you took your decorations down!

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by , January 6th, 2010 at 10:01 PM (2070 Views)
Well I didn't blog yesterday but I did 40 minutes elliptical and 20 mins core work.

Today I went swimming again...and as I sit here listening to lyrics mentioning something about being "Knocked out by American thighs" I can't help but think of my poor aching gams...I still felt the kick set from Monday yesterday and then the elliptical didn't improve I took to the water with the oomph and grace of a walrus on land.

So I tortured myself thusly:
200 Swim felt a bit whacked on this but took the time to work my rotation and hand placement. It nearly caused me to ram the wall with my loaf due to not noticing the turn mark.
200 Kick
Did this all free moderate speed not like the hard set on Monday. Felt good, tried to keep a good rhythm and pace while focusing on scooping with my plates and Bromleys.
200 Pull Stuck the Styrofoam plug between my bacon and eggs and got on with the set.

6 x 100 FR 1:30 so I managed all of these although finishing rep numbers 2 and 3 left me as a touch and go I got a couple of second after #4 and 5 secs after #5. Only did 6 as this was 1 more than my previous tally on this interval and also it was a 600 block (my pattern for the day).

200 EZ after a little rest nothing too exciting here just more focus on rotation.

4 x 50 3 BR/3 FL no interval here just trying to find a nice rhythm.
4 x 50 FL 1:15 I got through these in an ungraceful fashion (see Walrus on land quip) but I think I have found something in my pull...need to go into EVF I think .

200 EZ Even less to report on this other than I was truly gearing up for the last set.
4 times through:
100 IM 2:00
100 FR 2:00

managed this swimming in 1:40 to 1:45 I definitely was tired and drained from previous work outs and the 6 x 100.
4 x 50 K FL did these with the board sans fins took a few seconds between 50's. Didn't go fast just tried to work the undulation.

4x 50 EZ
just loafing off to end.

Not too bad but a good workout that got me huffing and puffing but I probably wasn't up to a greater ordeal.

Went to lift afterwards
Wide Pull ups 8,7,6 on 1:00
Close Chin ups 6, 5,5
on 1:00
Legpress/calf press 3x12 @ 300lb
Leg Extn 3x12 @ 95lb each rep include a full and terminal extn. e.g.full up, half down, back up, full down.
Leg Curl 3x12 @ 95lb
Adduct/Abduct 3x12 @ 110lbs supersetting them back to back no rest
Chest Press M/C 10, 8, 6 @ 140lb plus 6 more at 80lb
Ab Machine 3x15@ 45lbs..I go by feel and burn than trying to lift weight so I don't know if that is the correct weight but it's ballpark.
Pec-dec; 3x15 @ 3 plates (guessing 45ish) again I go for burn and full range of motion than weight here....

Used Accelerade during swim and lift and then guzzled an Endurox post lifting.

PS I know it's 2010.

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    bacon & eggs -- lol

    My decorations aren't down yet. But I can't wait to get rid of the damn tree! I need Mr. Fort for this endeavor.

    Your taunting me with speak of accelerade and endurox reminds me that I have a supply of pure sport for you that I forgot to bring to NE Champs ...
  2. SwimStud's Avatar
    "Bacon and eggs" is cockney rhyming slang for "legs," nothing else Fortypants!
  3. qbrain's Avatar
    Easily the most entertaining practice description I have read.
  4. qbrain's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Fortress
    My decorations aren't down yet. But I can't wait to get rid of the damn tree! I need Mr. Fort for this endeavor.
    Fortson can be manly and relocate the tree outside (if it is real) so it stops dropping needles everywhere.