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Meet Director's Path to Tranquility

Murphy's Law of Checks

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Well, it's the end of the first week in January and the lap counter cards are still not in after our November order. Our retailer says his supplier has now told him in another week. We will be contacting the high schools again to use their cards in about a week if the cards we ordered have not arrived.

Three weeks to go and our volunteer list is only about 1/4 full. I have asked the coaches to recruit swimmers during all the workouts. Some of the sub-committee chairs have not been assigned, so it looks like your truly will be pulling double and triple duty.

Here is an example of how a simple mistake can mushroom:

Mistake #1
One swimmer entered with a check dated January 2009. This has happened in the past. Our bank says it would submit those checks for payment and some will go through. If they do not and the check is returned, we pay a returned check fee. We are swimmers (some of us), not gamblers. I contacted the swimmer and she sent a new check dated for 2010.

Mistake #2
Unfortunately, I deposited both checks.

Mistake #3
Both cleared her account. We sent a refund to her.

Two swimmers from Florida entered the meet. Their checks were deposited after learning a lesson from last year. I then received a note that there was some emergency surgery and that they may not make it, asking me to hold their entry and check until the deadline. I told them we would refund if needed.

Last year, I turned in all meet entry checks to our treasurer, who deposited them after the meet. One neoprene check (there was no swimsuit ban that year) came back with insufficient funds. In previous five meets, that had never happened. Three months later, the swimmer paid up. We vowed this year to deposit checks soon after they arrive.

30 entreis to date

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