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Meet Director's Path to Tranquility

By Special Request

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The meet is two weeks away. You can tell - there is less humor in this blog these days. These are some of the highlights of requests received in the past - maybe they can help compensate for being humor-less.

Can you seed our team's two relays in two different heats? I want to swim in each one - the men's relay and the mixed relay.
Are you nuts? No. You can only swim once in each event.
This requirement was placed on the meet entry announcement in the years following this request.

Since you do not charge for relays, can I enter the meet and just swim in the relays?
No. You're not coming to swim for free. You must enter at least one individual event.
We do not charge for relays because I do not like paying for them at meets. First, I do not like fumbling around with wet hands for money and wallets on deck at the meet, and trying to stick someone with paying for the relay. Second, our team often needs to wait to see who shows up at the meet before we can put a relay together, making preregistration and prepayment difficult. This requirement was placed on our meet announcement in years following this request.

I want to deck enter, Can I show up at 10:00 to do so?
No. You must deck enter by 8:30 AM.
We do not charge more for deck entering. Since allowing deck entries only to fill empty heats, swimmers are already penalized. They are forced to swim in NT heats, and must take their chances on what events are not filled. Sometimes swimmers' personal schedules do not allow them to make a decision on entering prior to the meet deadline, and I don't want to penalize them further. (Remember that our meet deadline is a mere six days before the meet.)

Can you put me in the lane next to my friend so we can swim compete against each other?
Yes, but don't make a habit of this.
I have had this request three times - once this year. I have always accommodated it. We want swimmers to enjoy themselves at the meet and have a good time. Two years ago someone asked that their seed time in the 500 be adjusted to compete head to head. The seeding was done, and it worked out that way without adjustment! I still told each that I adjusted the other's seed times for them.

Since I didn't get entered in the 500 freestyle, can you put me on standby?
Yes, if there is a scratch or a no-show, you can switch out one of your other events.
I did this last year and it was no problem. Give swimmers a chance to swim the events they want if possible. But I had to make sure the swimmer was not going to end up swimming six events.

Can I fax you my entry and card, and bring a check to the meet?
No. If you don't have the payment in my hands, you take your chances as a deck entry.
With a time constraint, we cannot afford to enter swimmers, potentially increase the length of the meet, then not have them show up to swim. Payment adds an incentive and shows they are serious.

Can I practice starts during this break?
No. It's too late to set up a lane for that.
It takes a bit of time to clear a lane of warmup swimmers before safely using it for starts. The break is only 10 minutes long. This year before the break, I will try setting up a start lane and announcing it ahead of time.

I am visiting from New Mexico and need to bring my toddler son to the meet. My wife is attending conferences in downtown D.C. that day. Can someone pick us up from the Metro (subway) station, baby-sit while I am swimming, and drive us back to the station after the meet?
Wow. Take a taxi to the meet from the subway. Someone will love to watch your son a short time, and after the meet, lots of swimmers will be driving home, passing the subway station.
If you stay after the meet to help take down, I will drive you. Maybe we can charter a plane for you back to New Mexico, too? Kidding aside, everything worked out well for this fellow and we were glad he made it. Let's end with a happy ending.

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  1. qbrain's Avatar
    My target event is the 200 free, but I don't like where it falls in the meet. Can you create an earlier 200 free so I can take a shot at it fresh, and then have a second shot at it later in the meet?
  2. jroddin's Avatar
    I don't have enough strength/power for a decent 50 fly and I seem to fade at the end of the 100 fly. Can you create a 75 fly for me?

    I would very much prefer to do a 150 IM where there is no breastroke leg. Can you please do that?

    Just kidding. I enjoyed reading your strange requests. I've certainly gotten them at the Albatross but never quite like the one from the New Mexico guy!