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by , January 19th, 2010 at 09:58 PM (1169 Views)
OK, so I had an apt with my ENT today. We scheduled my right sinus reaming for the 18th of Feb. Hopefully, this will take care of my sleep issues. He said no swimming or heavy lifting for two weeks. (how will I ever catch Harriet?)

This little hiatus makes me nervous, but if I can gain some nice solid chunks of sleep it will be worth it.

Anyway, my CIBBOWS pals are swimming the Beagle on Thursday.

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  1. tjrpatt's Avatar
    Shocking, you, out of the water for two weeks. Good luck with the sinus reaming.
  2. chaos's Avatar
    thanks tom.... its going to be tough
  3. ViveBene's Avatar
    Glad you are able to get in the massive birthday swim before the ENT procedure! Perhaps Harriet will wait for you at the wall. Otherwise, the EC counts for extra credit, no?
    I'm enjoying Rachel's blog. Thanks for the reminder that the big swim is fast upon us, or them.
  4. chaos's Avatar
    harriet waits for no one!

    rachel is an excellent writer... fingers crossed for tomorrow.
  5. uvmflier's Avatar
    hey chaos,

    Best of luck with the procedure. Have you tried the CPAP machine before? I'm still just a rn student but have had a lot of patients even a marathon runner find relief with that.

    Wish I could join you on the 2/12 swim but don't think I could keep up!
  6. chaos's Avatar
    thanks. i hope this procedure does the trick and i won't need to add the cpap to my night time ritual.
    i think a couple of friends from nyc are going to come up for my 2/12 swim..... no one from my local masters group cares to join in.
  7. ourswimmer's Avatar
    Good luck. I had what was probably a similar surgery several years ago now. The first few days of recovery really sucked, and I was very happy that I am not allergic to Vicodin. After that meditative healing interval passed, I was and am very very happy with the outcome.
  8. aquageek's Avatar
    Two weeks? They will have to medicate you and your wife.