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Meet Director's Path to Tranquility

Attached To You

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At•tach |əˈta ch |
bind, fasten, tie, or connect;
to make fast or join;
as in 'attach a copy of your USMS card here'
• fasten (a related document) to another;
• include (a condition) as part of an agreement'
ORIGIN Middle English (in the sense [seize by legal authority] ): from Old French atachier or estachier ‘fasten, fix,’ based on an element of Germanic origin related to stake

What is up with the inability to read, comprehend, and perform? What does a box with "Attach USMS card here" mean to you? (Right. It means the meet director will cut out your card and attach it for you.) About 70% of meet entries come with the card copied on a loose full size piece of paper stuffed into the envelope with the entry and check. Can we afford online registration next year, please?

With a week away, the meet seems to be coming together. Most timer slots are now filled, but the take down chores after the meet remain unpopular. The lap counter cards delivery by Fed Ex on Friday brought a smile to my face.

I called Hasty Awards to ask where our awards are. I was told they are in transit and should be arriving Monday. This is news.

Three years ago, the ribbon awards came printed with a different font than we used in previous meets. This year I requested that Hasty be sure to match previous years, so we don't have two styles of ribbons. I was told (January 6) that a proof would be sent to me for approval. There was no proof - there was no approval. The awards are printed and in transit. I hope they are what they are supposed to be.

The equipment chairman says the stopwatches are all set. Time to wrap my brain around the entries received today, the next to last mail delivery before the deadline. Some statistics please…

One entry remains without a USMS card. This poor gal was notified twice in the past two weeks, and wrote back that she would be sending it in. Thus far, nothing.

Three phone calls and six emails asked for deadline extensions. Half of those entries have been received on time. In this area and with few exceptions, mail has been delivered to our post office box the day after it is postmarked.

Two swimmers sent cash as payment.

A local guy belonging to Egypt masters entered our meet again this year. It was a problem for me two years ago, because his card was in Arabic. I don't do Arabic. A friend of mine does, and translated for me - his card was expired. It was renewed before the meet. This year's card is valid. Did you know that the Egypt Masters card has the swimmer's color photo on it?

Three entries were received with no individual events entered - never happened before. Only the (no-fee) deck-entered relay events were circled. I have two of these swimmers now in the meet and straightened out, pointing out the rule in the meet announcement stating that this is not acceptable. I await to hear from the third.

I am guessing about 50% of the entries are from swimmers who have entered our meet two or more times in the past.

The last two days saw 39 entries arrive - 27%.

143 entries to date

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