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swimsuit addict

For whom the bell tolls

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Today I swam at the Winter Blitz Meet at Eisenhower Park on Long Island (results are here). It was a fun and efficiently run meet, with about 110 swimmers, and with 10 competition lanes it ran pretty quickly—we were done before noon.

My goals for this meet were modest—I mostly signed up for it just to give myself some motivation for training over the holidays, and was looking forward to the socializing as much as the swimming today. I opted for a fairly tough schedule, and was mostly pleased with the results.

400 IM: 5:33.43
FL 36.08 41.23
BK 42.68 41.91
BR 48.79 47.60
FR 38.00 37.14
The overall time seemed a little sluggish, but I was pretty happy with the way I split the race.

500 FR: 6:11.42 (3:05.91, 3:05.51)
I was pleased with the way I swam this, but maybe the thing that made me the very happiest was that I got to have one of those little bells rung to indicate my last lap. I don’t swim distance free events often, and when I do I’m rarely anywhere near the lead, so I’ve never—not as an age-group or a masters swimmer—been the swimmer they ring the bell for in a pool event, and in truth I’ve always felt a bit jealous of those who get to have true bell laps to end their swims. As a kid I thought it would be only fair if they rang bells for 100s too. But at this meet they had bells for all the lanes. I noticed it as I was waiting behind the block, and even asked my timer to ring it extra loud for me for me when the time came. I swam happy the whole race just thinking about that silly bell, and hearing it must have given me the extra energy I needed to knock a couple of seconds off my last split! (I was also pulled along by my swim friend Barbara in the next lane).
(Full splits: 34.2, 36.8, 37.8, 38.5, 38.4, 36.9, 37.7, 37.7, 37.7, 35.3)

200 IM: 2:37.49 (34.71, 39.27, 46.58, 36.93)
This was a too comfortable swim—I just never seemed to get going, and then it was over.

100 IM: 1:10.62 (32.41, 38.21)
After my 200 I resolved to go after this one, and I went out fast the first 25. It felt great. The rest of the swim was ok. After a day of swimming longer stuff it reminded me how fun it is just to sprint, and not worry so much about pacing.

Congrats to Quicksilver for his seriously fast backstroke swims!

I think my next meet will be the March 7 Spring Fling at this same venue.

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Yay for the bell! And very nice swimming!
  2. quicksilver's Avatar
    For whom the bell tolls.

    It's beyond impressive how you blasted through a 100 IM after swimming 1,100 yards from previous events.
    That meet line up of yours is scary!

    Nice meeting you again. Good luck with the training!
  3. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Thanks Fort and Quick!

    And I will try to wear a more noticeable suit at the next meet! I had a new purple-and-metallic print all ready to go, but ended up staying in the practice suit I used for warmup so I wouldn't miss any of my teammates' swims.