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by , January 26th, 2010 at 09:44 PM (923 Views)
Last night, Clare and I attended a fund raising concert for our dear friends Jerrice and Paul who have been tirelessly trying to make contact with their surviving family members in Haiti. Jerrice and two cousins (one in Toronto, the other in Miami) have close to 100 aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc. that desperately need help in the aftermath of the earthquake... as does the entire population. For many of them, the international aid efforts underway have not yet reached them and as of yesterday, less than half of the family has been accounted for. Funds raised last night will be wired directly to family members so they may address their immediate needs for food, shelter, and for those who have visas, transportation away from the disaster zone. Paul shared some of the results of our contributions with the audience.... an uncle was able to purchase gas, to run a generator, cell phone accounts were replenished (the only connection with the rest of the world) four family members were able to travel to the Dominican Republic and fly to Miami.

There are many organizations doing tremendous work in Haiti, but the most direct aid can be administered through Haitian-Americans who are truly the lifeline for their family members back home. I would like to urge everyone to consider helping someone in your community provide direct aid to their families who are suffering in Haiti.

There were about seven women performing last night. Jerrice hosts a radio program called Women of Note. We didn't stay for the whole show (5+ hours) but we did hear some great music. The highlight for me was the set performed by Gail Ann Dorsey. She played a mean guitar chords and melody lines mingled.... not the usual strummy strum strum of coffee house singers. GAD ended her set with "this is a wordy song my boss wrote" and knocked out a great version of Bowie's Young American (yes, she has been a fixture in the bowie band for over 10 years).

More swimming stuff.... next entry.

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  1. pdjang's Avatar
    Nice blog entry. We are more than just swimmers!
  2. aquageek's Avatar
    Good post. It's good to see you put your words to actions, unlike your evil nemesis.