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Saturday Sept 27th

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Went to the gym this evening:

weights: I use the Body Master weight training I think they serve my purpose just fine...and I hate dealing with all the meat heads in the actual free weight section:

Lateral Raise machine (works deltoids, upper trapezius and serratus anterior): 35lbs 3x12

90-degree chest press (pectoralis major, triceps, anterior deltoids): 55lbs 3x12

Abductor: (abductor group): 90lbs 3x12
Adductor: (adductor group): 120lbs 3x12

Leg Press (Quadriceps, hamstrings): 140lbs 3x12

Biceps curl (brachii, brachials): 35lbs 3x12

Triceps Press: 60lbs 3x12

Lat Pull-Down (latissimus dors, rhomboids): 50lbs 3x12

I also plan to work in a few light weight free weight activities at home--I've just been having a hard time finding the time to get everything in with all the work I have with the new clinic I am placed at.

Right now that weight regiment is at 65% my maximum and I will use those weights and reps for at least 2 weeks...I haven't lifted since January or February and being sick all spring and summer...I've lost a lot of muscle mass and want to bring it back slowly.

Then I biked:
Fat Burning/Strength ride: 25minutes, 8miles, level 15(max) 244calories

Then I ran:
walked .50miles @3.5 @1.5 incline
Ran 1.0 @6.5 @1.5 incline
walked .25miles @4.0 @1.5incline
Ran .75 @6.5 @1.5 incline
Ran .15miles @7.0 @1.5incline
Ran .10miles @7.5 @1.5incline
Walked .15miles @3.7 @1.5incline
walked .10miles @3.5 @0 incline
3.0miles, 231 vertical distance, 357 calories, 34 minutes.

Tomorrow I hope to get in some abs, a bike ride and a swim.

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