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Meet Director's Path to Tranquility

One Day To Go

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Problem #1
A record number of swimmers have entered the meet. The deadline was Monday, but 14 entires arrived Tuesday and Wednesday. Five other swimmers tried to enter late. Some got in, some are pre-registered as deck entries since entries were received after the seeding and meet program were printed. Did I state that late entries were not a problem? In total, 19 swimmers entered after the deadline, bringing the total to 189 swimmers.

In addition, two swimmers were left out because their entries were never received. I am trying to get them in. Since there are always no-shows, I am hoping these two will be able to swim the events they want (along with using deck entries for some of their choices). This means real time juggling things around during the meet.

Problem #2
The weather is another problem this year. 2-4 inches of snow are predicted for Saturday ending Saturday night. Deja vu all over again. Fortunately, this storm is bringing cold dry fluffy snow (no ice), and should easily be removed.

We received a note that one swimmer is staying home. The storm could drop up to 12-inches of snow and some ice south of our area, where he was coming from. There are another 6-12 swimmers coming from points south, and I expect many will not make it.

The weather issue and forecast was posted on our web site meet page and updated for the past two days.

Problem #3
We received a note that one of the 4 officials is not going to make it - he is flying home tomorrow from somewhere, and believes the snow will delay his arrival. We are putting the call out in several places for a replacement.

Problem #4
Too many people means a bad experience for swimmers. Last year seemed crowded on deck. With an additional 24 swimmers, we need to think about restricting attendance or find a new pool next year.

I sent out instructions to everyone on where to park, complete with an overhead Google image. The pool lot and adjacent school lot were identified. Hopefully the lots will be plowed out by Sunday. Television states the snow will be fluffy and easily removed, with heaviest snow Saturday afternoon. Our tropics will be appreciated. Right now, there is no plan to cancel the meet. Stay tuned.

Problem #5
With the additional heat of 500 freestyle this year, and with more swimmers, the projected timeline ends us at 2:01 PM. We need to be out of the pool at 2:00.

In past years, we have ended about 10 minutes before the projected timeline. We have also made arrangements to start Heat 2 before one swimmer in Heat 1 is finished. The swimmer entered a seed time about 6 minutes slower than anyone else. We hope Heat 2 seed times are somewhat accurate.

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